Sunday, March 23, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hey hey hey :)

Today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. Blerghhh... Have to go to work. But I don't have any pending work for the weekend.. Yeay! :) so as I mentioned I'm going to share with you some stories with you.

So recently, I mean last year I got A LOT of opportunities to be an emcee for events. I'm very very very very very very happy when emceeing. Dari dulu memang suka mengacara ni. I remembered when I was small, dekat Disney channel ada this show I can't remember the name but Azura jadi pengacara with 3 other people. I always love that show. So dulu ada buat video sendiri interview adik2 and kakak sendiri for that show kononnya. And I always love Majalah 3 at TV3. Memang pernah bercita-cita2 la untuk jd pengacara Majalah 3. Be it yang dekat studio or yang jalan2 cari content for the program. But that remains that for a while.

So as I mentioned, dekat sekolah pun pernah jadi pengacara for a few times. But lepas tu macam terkubur jap cita2 tu. Maybe sebab masuk you ambil accounting and then I have to struggle with it and the fact that I take up that course not on my own will but then again I don't know or I can't decide what I want to be so yeah... confusion. So last year emceeing for a few events was super awesome. It feels like dream came true. Memang rasa nervous before start event. But I enjoy every second of it. So enough with the talk, picture time~!!! :)

First and Grandest :) with experienced Rishi
Ihya' Ramadan Program organized by Ministry of Education Malaysia.
Credit to the photographer. No copyright infringement intended. 

Convofest '13 Opening Ceremony

Power Transition Ceremony (SRC)

Piala Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah 2014. With Im, the highschool mate :)

Takde gambar betul time emcee. T@MU's Take 7

Majlis Perhimpunan Agung Tahunan (MAPAT)/ AGM Sekretariat Sekolah@MMU
(both pictures)

And that ladies and gentlemen, my happy moments

No dreams are too big, no dreamers are too small. 

p/s: I am looking forward to be emcee for events. I'm enthusiastic and committed. If you want to see it for yourself, please do not hesitate to drop an email at :) 

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