Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Howdy Do?

Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there :) Hugs and kisses. I miss this. Long time no?

I HAVE to do this. I have to write, I have to blog. I feel my writing skill has gone really bad. It's hard for me to construct a proper sentence. I've mentioned this before right? I feel that the words are clogged inside my head and my fingers freeze when I wanted to write them because it's HARD~!!! Anyways here's to a new start. Hopefully I'll be consistent. Lol. Hmmm... So what's up?

I have finally graduated after 5 struggling years in Uni. Yeay me :) What? Wait... Struggling ke? Hahaha... Yes of course! But it was fun though. Although I have experienced a little bit of bitterness every now and then, it was normal peeps. Life is full of ups and downs right? Now I am currently looking for jobs. Hope that I get lucky ;)

So both of my younger sister and brother has all grown up. One is taller than me but me don't care that much because I am tall (enough). I still somehow maintained my weight though. Still underweight. 5 years and still in my 40s. I think I can hardly do anything about it. My brother, I expect him to be taller than me and I'm not surprised if it is in a few months. He is currently in Perlis, memorizing the holy Quran at one of tahfiz schools there. He feels that our education system is not challenging enough and hence, he seeks adventure there. My younger sister is going to continue her study in Uni soon. Awww... My younger siblings are all grown up and I want to cry now. May Allah ease their journey obtaining knowledge. My one and only older sister is currently working in KL in a development company. It's everything that she wants from a company. Lucky her!

So my parents are awesome as always. Getting older but still blessed with good health and happy marriage. Alhamdulillah :) And... they keep asking me to find work. Hahaha. It's not that I'm not finding one. But really slowly. Hey I went to career fair, if that wasn't good enough. I want to stay at home for a longer time since I was so busy with exams, assignment and event during the sem break. So yeah... I'm here mom and dad, if you need me! After this Im going out again ;) So better use me while I'm available ;P

Me and Khairul, we are boring and awesome as always. We are currently, if you may, in a long distance relationship (Subang Jaya - Cyberjaya) ;P. Got to see each other at least once a week or whenever we wanted to. Lol. He's currently doing his fyp and since I'm still looking for jobs, weekdays are still available for meet up. Miss seeing him everyday though. Friends are great. Some of them already landed a job. We still contact through Whatsapp but catch up sesh is kinda hard and only during weekends. But we gonna see each other during convocation sooonn :)

So that's about it for now. I know it's waaaayyyy to late but I would like to wish Muslims around the world happy Eid ul Fitri. May Allah bless us always.

Last but not least, I would like to pat myself on the back for typing this whole new post. :) More are coming insyaAllah.


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