Thursday, November 26, 2015

Congratulations! (Long post. You got time? Cool.)

I would like to congratulate myself on my Convocation recently. To mama and abah also. I made it finally! Alhamdulillah. After 5 years of hardship and ranting and ups and downs my university life has finally come to the end. *there's something in my eyes*. Well, it is always a mixed feeling. I am glad that I made it through but at the same time, I am still going to miss my student life. 5 years went so fast. As long as I can remember, I still have not done my tutorials properly. It's either I did it at the eleventh hour or I can never get it right. So much to do but so little time. I think that it was some sort of motto I live in during uni days. HAHAHA. Of course nobody else was to blame except for me. I get myself busy with co-curricular activities. Hence, the race against time. I also have this resolution of getting As for my subject and study as hard and as smart as I can so that I can improve my pointer when it comes to new semester. Yeap as you have guessed and I have guessed when it comes in the middle of the semester, I can only be thankful if I pass all the subjects at the end of the sem. Getting As would be a bonus. HAHAHA. I have my regrets but I am thankful for so much other things in my life.

My participation in co-curricular activities in one of the things that I am happy with. I always enjoy life outside classroom. Heeee. I remember my mom told me I don't want to do my homework at the age of 7 (if I'm not wrong) because I told her I am smart and I already know that. Well, I have to write my ABCs repeatedly when I already know my ABCs since I was 3. Make sense why I don't want to do my homework yes? But in Uni case, I told myself that I can only love and do Accounting that much and any extra work done would be pointless because I will still not be able to score more. Sometimes I want to beat myself so hard because I have limited myself. But anyhow, that was the decision I made. So I have to live with it. SO, back to co-curricular activities, Sekretariat Sekolah@MMU was my platform to get into all the event management things. I have learnt a lot from here - teamwork, friendship, relationship - you name it. Though I do not participate in it anymore, it is still dear to me. All the best to the legacy.

I wish all those who graduated best in career and life. And for my friends hope that we keep in touch and see you soon. InsyaAllah.


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