Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 First

I don't want to write 'I miss writing' in sad tone anymore. I just want to start off with all positive. I miss writing. I miss it a lot. Now, that I'm writing this I am very happy. Very very contented. I have not been writing here for almost half a year. My previous post was all sad. I was. I think that was my lowest moment in life. But now I am okay. I am pretty much thankful to Allah things are getting better again. Not the same, but better.

So, first of all I would like to wish a Happy 2016! I know half of the year already past but hey, better late than never ;P I think this time of the year is a great time to re-focus or to refresh any of the new year's resolution that we had. So let's take this opportunity to refocus, refresh and restart! :D

So in January, I landed myself a job. Alhamdulillah. And I was destined to befriend with bunch of 'crazy' people. We are under a management trainee program so we were sent for this boot camp just the 10 of us and that's when we get close more than ever! We are inseparable and we are actually surprised that we are very close and can get along with each other okay. Work was okay. I don't deny that I have to look for motivation every now and then.

In February, it's my birthdaaaaayyyyy. Happy 24th to me. Alhamdulillah. I have grown up and life have taught me what I have ought to learn and to the extent that I can bear. My wishes have never change. I hope that I can be a better person than I am before. I hope I can make a change (a better one of course) in somebody's life or in an organization and to make the world a better place to live in.

4th March 2016 is the first time I involved in street feeding. To be honest I was scared because this was the first time, going to the heart of KL giving out food to the homeless. I don't know what kind of people I would encounter (other than the homeless) like possible snatchers or 'flashers'. But our group is quite a number of people and there are a number of guys and some of my friends, if I may, are experienced street feeders, so I feel safe. I was stricken with sympathy. So many 'development' but still so many homeless and poor people. Street feeding is a noble initiative to help these people but I honestly think that this problem should be encounter at root cause. We help but we don't exactly solve the problem. But at this point I was glad I could at least help and I wish I can join more of this effort in the future.

April- month of birthday party! There's like 3 birthday celebrations altogether. My Dad is also an April baby so I can't complain. Hahaha. Apart from parties, I have also attended first concert ever in my life by 3 legendary performers - Ramli Sarip, Jamal Abdilah and M. Nasir. Wuhoooo~!!!! Awesomeness! One of my favorite songs is Syair Laila Majnun. Such a poetry... :) Another thing that makes April awesome is that I start to emceeing again! Yeay me ~ ~ ~ :) and I am glad know I've done well. Heee.

May was awesome too! I finally take my first annual leave. Haha. I traveled down south to Johor to visit a dear friend of mine. On top of that, I went to Legoland! (wishlist crossed) I rode the roller coasters because that's, I think, the only thing for adults to enjoy themselves there - I had to ride okay! The ticket cost me a fortune and that's big enough motivation for me to overcome my fear of height X(. If you didn't bring any children with you and you don't ride the roller coaster, you'll probably end up just taking photos or shopping...haha. I went to Educity Nusajaya. The place was humongous! I fell in love with that place already and I of course I visited MMU there! Not much to see but I don't know, it's just MMU.

And here comes June... month of Ramadan is here :) It's a good thing that Ramadan is here mid-year. As I mentioned in earlier paragraph, middle of the year is for us to refresh and re-focus. I would like to encourage all people (and me myself) to do likewise in the month of Ramadan, during mid-year to look into ourselves, refresh and refocus whatever aim that we have for the year and also to do that with our ibadah. May Allah bless us in this celebrated month and achieve whatever goals that we have set ourselves to achieve this year, insyaAllah.

Phew! Such a long post :,D

I think that's all for now (and past 5 months...haha). I'll be writing soon insyaAllah. 

Take care~!


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